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Antonia McGuire

Owner | UX consultant at TONI WRITES


User Experience


For Everyone

Building inclusive products through the accessibility lens

This 30-minute interactive session will explore what it means to create innovative products for everyone, without sacrificing inclusion.

- What is the role of a product manager and do they inclusivity into their practice? 

- Why readiness matters when turning requirements into product specifications? 

-What are the fundamental differences between inclusivity, and accessibility? 


A brief Q&A session to follow with a workshop to complement the talk and challenge participants to apply theory into practice in small groups. 


As a user experience (UX) specialist, educator and strategist, I am proud owner of a boutique consultancy offering services from research to content design and everything in between. When I'm not managing digital projects or working with clients, you'll find me advocating for inclusive design and research-informed content to create a more positive user experience for everyone.

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