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Charles Funk

Principal Consultant


Product Management


For Everyone

Empowered Product Teams – creating solutions customers love that work for the business

Drawing on Marty Cagan's book "Empowered", I will sketch the characteristics of Empowered Product Teams and why they are critical to continuing innovation and growth. Empowered Teams have a clear Vision and Strategy. They are given problems to solve rather than a list of features to build. They ensure solutions are Valuable (customers want to use them to solve hard problems), Usable (UI - easy to use), Feasible to create, maintain, and evolve (Engineering), and Viable (works for business and stakeholders).


I’m passionate about shaping business and product strategy and facilitating strong execution for societal benefit. I have scaled and matured high-performing product management and design teams in several industries and have a strong track record in product portfolio management, improving processes, defining business KPIs and Scorecards, driving strategic initiatives and building consensus. This has been supported by my core skills of analysis, leadership, collaboration, communication, planning, and creative problem-solving.

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