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Zach Kleiman & Ruth Stanley


Product Manager, Growth and Strategy at

Founder of Boann Consulting

Product Strategy


For Senior Employees

(5+ years)

Faith, Trust, and Intuition –
What enables us to make big bets in Product Management and Marketing

Have you been in a situation where you have had to take that leap of faith on a new idea, feature, or product launch? How do you gain the perspective you need to move forward when you are stuck? Join us for a collaborative conversation to uncover the conditions you need in your product management/marketing journey to make that leap of faith and get unstuck. (Get ready to share your experiences and interact as a group!)


Zach Kleiman is a Product Manager and leader for Strategy and Growth at, where he harnesses his expertise in steering the company’s strategic direction. With a focus on innovation and user experience, he has played a pivotal role in elevating to become Canada's #1 real estate platform, attracting over 13 million unique visits per month.

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Ruth Stanley is the Founder of Boann Consulting. She is the Co-Author of Your Creativity Sprint - The Five Week Challenge to Better Insights. She hosts Boann: Imagination Flow Creativity, where she talks with people about their approach to creativity. at work

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