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Liam Boland

Algonquin College Business Administration- Marketing Alumni 




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How to conduct a Marketing Plan for your Next Steps

Conducting a marketing plan would help businesses clarify their goals, understand their market, allocate resources efficiently, while also identifying competitive advantages and mitigating various risks.


If someone doesn't know what a Marketing Plan is, they risk operating without a clear strategy to reach their target audience, effectively promote their products or services, allocate their resources effectively, and how to differentiate themselves from competitors.


My name is Liam Boland, a 20-year-old Business Administration Marketing student at Algonquin College. I embrace my unconventional experiences, believing they shape me into an exceptional individual who values authenticity and empathy in marketing. Drawing from personal journeys, I specialize in crafting compelling narratives and fostering authentic connections to drive meaningful engagements and brand loyalty. Through my studies and practical experience as a Produce Clerk at Metro, I've honed communication, customer advocacy, and sales strategies. Committed to continuous learning, I'm equipped to tackle challenges and drive results in the dynamic world of sales and marketing, eager to assist those seeking guidance in their journey forward.

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