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Alan McCafferty

CEO / Senior Business Strategist at The Strategic Consulting Group




For Senior Employees (5+ years)

Revolutionizing Product Management through AI-Enhanced Risk Analysis

Discover how AI and Data Analytics are transforming Risk Management in high-tech product development. This presentation will guide Product Managers through utilizing advanced toolsets for data-driven risk analysis, offering real-time insights for smarter decision-making. Learn to integrate sophisticated risk management seamlessly, enhancing agility and predictive capability in product strategy.


Alan McCafferty, Senior Business Strategist and founder of The Strategic Consulting Group, an Ottawa-based firm specializing in strategic planning, operational excellence, risk management, information security, business continuity, Threat Risk Assessments, Privacy Assessments, and training for government, not-for-profits, SMBs, and multi-national corporations. Alan serves as Cybersecurity Program Director at uOttawa PDI.

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